I gave a talk over at South Dakota Code Camp 2012 this morning on building modern PHP applications.

I tried to cover some of the traditional problems, recent solutions, new features, and new tools in PHP. It’s an exciting time in the language, so there was a lot to squeeze in. I talked briefly about one of the best new PHP frameworks, Symfony2, and how it is utilizing new PHP features and culture to help improve applications.

Here are the slides; hopefully they’re still useful.

Please provide feedback if you saw the talk (not just the slides, some are more of a joke).

The talk covered a lot — probably too much. Here some links to help you get the rest of the story on some of the many things we zoomed past:

  • For standards-nerds, don’t miss php-FIG.org
  • Composer was one of the most awesome tools discussed. You can find it at GetComposer.org, and you can find a great repository of Composer packages at Packagist.org.
  • We talked about Symfony. You should visit Symfony.com to find out more about their great framework. They’ve got excellent doc that will walk you through the things we raced through in the talk.
  • Also, every PHP developer should take a peek at PHPTheRightWay