Our own South Dakota Code Camp is coming up soon, and I’ll be speaking again. On October 27th, I’ll be giving a talk about my approach to debugging software, applications, and operations. The talk, Systematic Debugging is in the day’s last session and will be fairly high-level with a few nuggets for experienced programmers sprinkled in as well.

Code Camp is at Raven Industries this year, and as always it is free to attend. Be sure to register in advance, though. Also check out the schedule as there will be a lot of good presentations and other events.

Post-talk update

This year’s SDCC went great. I don’t know if my slide deck is very meaningful on its own, but reach out to me on Twitter or direct email if you want to give me any feedback or talk about any of the info from the talk. For archival purposes, here’s the talk prospectus:

Debugging is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of software development and maintenance. This talk is an overview of a strategic debugging approach, as well as a few tips for avoiding code bugs and making debugging easier. There will not be a focus on specific tools or languages, but some experience with software development is assumed.

What you will learn: considerations and strategies to improve debugging efficiency and skill

What you will not learn: interactive step debuggging, how to use specific tools